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We would like to present our journey to the acquaintance and our involvement with the Greek Truffle.

We would like to present our journey to the acquaintance and our involvement with the Greek Truffle. Already in ancient Greece, the Greek region of Peloponnese has been the first geographical area where the Greek Truffle has been discovered. All Members of our association are of Peloponnesian origin, which also adds further to the passion for this distinct and superior product. The aroma of the Peloponnesian Truffle variety distinguishes itself from others with its two main characteristics: uniqueness and high quality. The wooded origin, mixed with the scent of fresh earth, adds to a light and delicate aroma.
Our expedition for Truffles brought with it the distinct experience to discover and cultivate an extraordinary fruit that grows underneath the highly fertile Greek grounds. It is an exceptional product of nature. Nothing else can be compared to the taste of fresh Truffle. The darker versions of our product resemble bulbs made of soil, while the pale white versions appear like pebbles with earthy shades. Being fully aware of the unique characteristics of this underground mushroom, we have used specially trained dogs, for the quest of this rare species. The University of Italy has been supporting our efforts and provided significant information to ensure the supreme quality of the product. This has led to intensive cultivation and use of improved methods over the last five years.
The search and cultivation of Truffles is demanding due to different species growing in different areas. Different varieties of trees, however, whose roots significantly contribute to the quality of the Truffle, are being found widely in the Peloponnesian soil; Linden (Tilia cordata), Hazel (Corylus avellana), Pournari (Quercuscoccifera), Pine (Pinus brutia). Realizing the harvest of our Truffles, as well as their quality assurance, we offer, in collaboration with Mother Nature, a completely natural product, which is used either pure or in combination as a mixture with other food items. Among the most common blends are Truffle oil, Truffle salt and Truffle dressing. Convince yourself how the Greek nature with rich flora can be a foundation of our exceptional product with supreme quality – The Greek Truffle.

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